Siberian Husky Dog Models at Fire and Ice Gala Addison Reserve Country Club

This holiday season our Florida Siberian Husky Dog Models were asked by Show Biz Productions to attend the Addison Reserve Country Club’s fire and ice gala for two nights of furry fun. Wolf, Juno and Willow greeted guests as they entered the country club and immersed themselves in a wintry ice castle. Our handlers also dressed the part and helped bring to life the icy scenery.

For two nights the country club’s guests were transported to the north pole where sled dogs and eskimos posed for pictures and greeted patrons with a smile and a whoo.

Our superbly socialized Florida Siberian Huskies make for a great focal point to your wintery themed party or gala. Partnering with Show Biz Productions we were able to transform the Addison Reserves Country club’s banquet hall into a true Winter Land complete with dog sled, eskimos polar bears and an Ice Arch. Or dogs became great photo ops for guest looking to capture the memory and moment in a picture posing with our snow dogs. Greeting everyone with a smile and a little husky talk our Siberian huskies bring to life the feel of being in the artic.

 Pictures of our Siberian Husky Dog Models at the event.

Florida photo dog Florida Siberian Husky siberian husky dog model Siberian Husky Florida