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Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance

 husky dog food

Natural Balance dog food


As a Siberian Husky owner, one thing I have learned over the years is they are picky eaters. In comparison my Australian Sheppard would eat pebbles if it looked like dog food. On the other hand my huskies have to go through the entire food test process.

First is does it look good. If they think it looks good then they sniff it to see if it smells good. If is smells good they will take one to two pieces and taste it. If it tastes good they might eat it. Now also realize that a Siberian husky has a very sensitive stomach. When choosing a dog food it can be better to pick one that has limited ingredients and a single protein source.

After many years of testing I have found one of a few brands of dog food I would recommend for fellow husky owners. This would be Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance. Another benefit to their dog food is that much of it is designed for puppy to adult. No more having to buy a 20lb bag of puppy food for the Willow monster, and a 40lb bag of adult dog food for the rest of the pack. My wallet really appreciated that.

Limited Ingredient and Grain Free

 grain free dog food

A major factor that I would recommend Natural Balance is it's formula. First of all, they have what is called a "limited ingredient formula". Like my huskies, some dogs have very sensitive stomaches and commonly used proteins, carbohydrates and food additives found in many dog foods can upset their digestive system. This can lead to things like upset stomach, irritable bowel and a whole slew of skin problems.

Natural balance has an entire line dog food which is grain free for dogs that have allergies to certain grains. Their limited ingredient diets are designed for dogs like mine with sensitive stomaches. When you limit the number of ingredients, you are able to give them a unique alternative to the standard store bought dog food. Their food contains high quality nutrition and help maintain skin and coat something necessary when owning a northern breed dog.

Is your dog a Vegan?

 vegan dog food

Vegan dog food


It is doubtful your dog has attended many Peta demonstrations, but it is very possible that they have a sensitivity to meat based diets. This does not mean you are now forced to feed Fido a Boca burger and salad every night. Natural Balance has a vegetarian formula designed specifically for dogs with this type of sensitivity.

Their vegan formula contains no dairy products or products that are derived from trace amounts of meat or dairy sources.Instead they use ingredients such as brown whole grain rice which is a great source of carbs. Oatmeal which not only is a source of carbohydrates but also vitamin E. Carrots are also used which is a good source of vitamin A. As well as green peas which provide a source for vitamin A, B and C


Is your dog a food critic?


Another issue I have with my huskies is boredom. My male husky in particular will quickly get bored of a certain flavor of dog food. Typically after the second 40lb bag. As many of you know you can't just go switching a dogs food willy nilly. Abrupt changes in a dogs diet will cause all sorts of bad things to their digestive system most notably lose bowls. Typically if you are switching dog foods, you must slowly mix in the new food over a period of a week, or more depending on how sensitive the dog's stomach is.

One good thing about the Limited Ingredient formula Natural Balance has, is that you can interchange the various flavors and not cause much if any disturbance to the dogs digestive system. This means you can switch off and alternate flavors of dog food to keep your fur baby happy and eating well.

So in the eyes of a northern breed dog with a sensitive stomach, picky eating habits, and desire to be politically correct and joining the vegan community, I give Natural Balance 5 out of 5 stars.

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