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What to feed your Siberian Husky

With all the varieties of dog food on the market, we often get confused as to which one is actually best for our dogs. What many people do not know is that not all dog breeds are the same. What might be good to eat for your brother’s Rottweiler, may not be good for your Siberian Husky.

Even if your husky seems to “like” the dog food does not mean that it’s healthy for them. This is very similar to human children. How many children, and some adults might I add, would love to eat Junk food, and fast food for every meal? The same goes for dogs. Many “grocery store” dog foods contain chemicals and ingredients that are not only bad for their diet, but in some cases can slowly kill your Siberian Husky.

Cheap commercial dog food contains the minimum amount of nutrients your husky needs. Obviously this is not going to be enough for the optimal health of your dog. The key is to find a premium dog food that contains the nutrients needed by Siberian Huskies. When feeding your dog you want to make sure that the adult dog food you are feeding is 22-25% protein and 15-19% fat.

A few things to keep in mind when your are looking at ingredients listed on dog food bags. Some key ingredients to avoid are wheat, corn, chicken by-products, soy, and gluten just to name a few. These are very difficult for your husky to digest and can cause health problems later in life. Make sure that the dog food you are choosing is not full of unneeded preservatives. Also avoid dog foods that contain sugar.

So I can imagine you’re wondering what you should be looking for. Just as with human food remember when looking at the dog food ingredient listing, those items listed first are in higher content.  For a good dog food, the first four ingredients on the dog food label should not be grains. Instead they should consist of things like meat and proteins. 

With this in mind some things you should have in the top portion of the ingredient listing are high protein ingredients that come from a good quality source. Things like chicken meal, turkey meal, fish meal, rice, potatoes, lam meal, sweet potatoes, sunflower oil, vegetables (with the exception of corn) are all good sources of protein. Avoid any ingredient that says by-product as this is simply the discarded parts and droppings off the floor and have no nutritional value.

Keep on consideration that a husky has a very sensitive digestive system  feeding them a high quality dog food with vitamins and fatty acids like Omega 3 are essential. Consider going with a preium dog food that has limited ingredients or a single source protein if you notice your Siberian Husky seems to have an upset stomach.



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