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What do they mean grain free?

 siberian husky food

What many people do not know is that dogs do not need gains in the diet to be healthy. Consider this, how many wild dogs or wolves do you see out there munching on a bowl of barley? Not a whole heck of a lot I can imagine. The same goes for your pet.

Typically dog food manufacturers will add gain to their product as a filler. Many people do not think twice of seeing wheat in a list on ingredients, but many do not know that adding these to a dogs diet can actually be bad for their health. Adding such fillers and binders can cause digestive problems. If you had a cow this would be great!

By stripping out the unhealthy grains you are actually creating a more balanced dog food and giving your dog more energy, a healthier coat as well as other health benefits. Many dogs suffer from food allergies and a common allergy is that to wheat

Are there disadvantages to being grain free?

The most notable disadvantage to choosing a grain free dog food is the price. Many higher quality grain free dog foods cost more then the cheaper grocery store brand. This is not saying you can not find an affordable grain free dog food, but as a whole you get what you pay for.

Another issue with going with a grain free dog food is typically they have more protein than one that uses grain as fillers. This means you have to be more careful of your dogs find intake. No more leaving a bowl full of food all day long.With a high protein diet, less is more.

Wilderness Natural Evolutionary Diet


Blue Buffalo has a high protein, low carb, grain free formula that they call 'Wilderness". They got their inspiration from the natural diet of wolves. This formula was designed as an alternative to a raw diet. Though a raw diet is considered by many to be the ideal diet for a Siberian husky, and most all northern breed dogs. But it comes at a cost. Raw diets are much less convenient to prepare and often times you need to provide additional supplements to ensure your dog is eating a well rounded diet. As well as the cost of a raw diet can be far greater then Wilderness.

Wilderness is made with natural ingredients such as deboned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, sweet potatoes, blueberries, cranberries and carrots. All of which give much needed carbohydrates and antioxidants as well as a high protein diet.

Blue Buffalo's Wilderness also contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in little "lifesource bits" they add to the food.

This dog food is specifically formulated for the active dog who requires high protein for their active lifestyle.

How to transition to a new dog food.

Keep in mind a dog has a sensitive stomach. In general if you abruptly switch their food to a new formula, they can often develop irritable bowls and upset stomach. You must always introduce the new dog food gradually. Start off by mixing in 25% of the new food into their existing food and gradually increase the proportion over at least a 14 day period of time.

Also remember that since Wilderness is a high protein dog food you do not need to feed them as much to get the same results. It is suggested that for a dog 14 to 60 lbs you only feed them 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 cups daily. For a large breed dog it is suggested that you split this up into two separate feedings, preferable one in the morning and one at night. This will balance out the dogs carb intake and allow for proper digestion.

Four out of five stars

 blue buffalo wilderness

I give blue Buffalo Wilderness, four out of five stars. This is due to the grain free high protein formula as well as their price range. When compared to similar grain free dog foods, Wilderness tends to be a bit less expensive but still comparable in quality