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Keep your Florida Siberian Husky safe during the holiday season.

Monday, December 10th, 2012:

Remember as the holiday season  approaches, this can be the most dangerous time of the year for our Florida Siberian Huskies. Two of the greatest dangers are lost pets and pet poisoning. Fall and Winter Holidays With the fall and winter holidays come many new faces, guests and dog sitters. Each time guests enter your home pets are exposed to new levels of stress, both positive and negative. Many pets are locked away from the guests while others are allowed to roam freely among the visitors. Doors, gates and garages are opened and closed at a feverish rate during the […] Read More →

Siberian Husky Dog Models at Fire and Ice Gala Addison Reserve Country Club

Sunday, December 9th, 2012:

This holiday season our Florida Siberian Husky Dog Models were asked by Show Biz Productions to attend the Addison Reserve Country Club’s fire and ice gala for two nights of furry fun. Wolf, Juno and Willow greeted guests as they entered the country club and immersed themselves in a wintry ice castle. Our handlers also dressed the part and helped bring to life the icy scenery. For two nights the country club’s guests were transported to the north pole where sled dogs and eskimos posed for pictures and greeted patrons with a smile and a whoo. Our superbly socialized Florida Siberian Huskies make […] Read More →