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Siberian Husky Photo Shoot with Snow Magazine 2012

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012:

  Recently our Florida Siberian Husky Models worked with Snow Magazine helping them with their fashion shoot shoot for their Holiday Edition Magazine. We had a total of five dogs on set in Miami’s Onesource Studios  for a full day of photo shooting. Below is the first video released by Snow Magazine showing a behind the scenes look at the Siberian Husky photo shoot. We want to thank Snow Magazine and look forward to working with them in the future. “We’ve had a lot of fun with these dogs today. They are excellent models” – Lauren Eggert Art Director Snow […] Read More →

Florida Siberian Husky and their History

Friday, November 9th, 2012:

Owning a Florida Siberian Husky, I get strange looks and comment when in public. People tend to stereotype the breed of dogs and think that they only belong in cold weather climates. Although it is true that a Siberian Husky can and do flurish in cold temperatures, it is also true that  having a Siberian Husky in Florida is not considered cruel and unusual punishment. To understand a Siberian Husky you must first understand their history. The Siberian Husky were bred and raised by the Chukchi people of Russia, for thousands of years. This tribe of Siberian nomads needed dogs that […] Read More →

Florida Siberian Huskies

Thursday, November 8th, 2012:

Welcome to the Florida Siberian Husky site. Florida Siberian Husky dog models for your project One question we are asked often is, why are there no Siberian Husky dog models in Florida? A common misconception is that it’s rare to see a Florida Siberian Husky. In fact  there are more huskies in the state of Florida than what people might realize. We have been in Florida for over 7 years working with Florida Siberian Husky Rescues. Siberian huskies are beautiful, majestic animals. They show such intelligence in their eyes and expressions. Huskies possess such a wild, free spirit, it’s no wonder people are mezmorized […] Read More →