Florida Siberian Huskies

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Florida Siberian Husky dog models for your project

One question we are asked often is, why are there no Siberian Husky dog models in Florida? A common misconception is that it’s rare to see a Florida Siberian Husky. In fact  there are more huskies in the state of Florida than what people might realize. We have been in Florida for over 7 years working with Florida Siberian Husky Rescues.

Siberian huskies are beautiful, majestic animals. They show such intelligence in their eyes and expressions. Huskies possess such a wild, free spirit, it’s no wonder people are mezmorized when looking into their eyes.

Over a thousand years ago the Chukchi people realized the breed’s potential and cherished each dog as their most prized possession.

Over the years these incredible dogs have been used in movies and in print because of their undeniable photogenic characteristics.

Huskies come in a wide variety of colors and coat lengths. Most people are more familiar with the black on white or grey on white coats. A husky’s eye color can vary as well. Most common is the crystal blue to aqua blue eyes but it is just as common to see a husky with either brown eyes or dual chromatic one blue one brown eyes. There are also rare occasions where you might find a husky that has what is know as a “party eye” which means the eye has both brown and blue in the same eye.


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